Friday, December 10, 2010

I see dead animals, true story!

I have recently been told that my blog posts (although still amazing, don’t forget!) tends to be a tad bit too technical and formal. I welcome criticism (especially if it is about my spelling ‘cause I tend to slip up on that one a bit, I do apologize) as it helps me grow as a writer. And I have scanned over a couple of my posts last night and saw this is very true. I guess I am so use to writing for publications, which expect a certain more ‘formal’ writing style, that I have unconsciously been forcing it into my posts.

So today, I thought I would just ramble a bit. No confessions of heartache, no philosophical explanations and no blast from the past. Just a random thought. On the other hand, maybe a worrying cry for help (or attention). Let me know...
You see, the last couple of weeks I have been having this reoccurring unusual dream. Now, I know what you are thinking, “O great, here comes another boring story about someone’s lame dream.” Goodness knows I find it particularly dull when someone wakes up and feels the need to share their dreams. However, the dream of mine is very odd.

In this dream, I have three flies as pets. Yes, pets! I feed them, walk them regularly, talk to them (like you would do with a cute puppy), pet them and even occasionally kiss their foreheads. All of which are things you would normally do with your cat or dog (or even birds!). But I had to choose flies! And the best part of this dream is that I love these flies more than life itself. Just seeing them excites me. Nurturing them gives me purpose and just the thought of some mean person swatting them angers me more then you would ever imagine. And I have to confess, I enjoy these dreams. Just experiencing the emotion of the unconditional love for one and other is such an amazing feeling. Yes, even if it is for three very unclean (but also very delightful) flies.

Throughout history, people have sought meaning in dreams. Dreams have been described as psychological reflections of the subconscious, spiritual messages from the dead or even predictions of the future. Some feel that dreams are prophetic and contains messages. Then what does my dream mean? (I ask with an anxious and confused tone in my voice.)

I have no idea what this bizarre dream might mean. Maybe a dead pet is trying to reconnect with his former owner. Does this mean I am now a psychic medium for animals that have ‘crossed over’ using me to connect with the living world (as flies)? Will cats, dogs, fish and any other pet that has passed be bothering me while I am just trying to have a good nights rest? Maybe it means that I have a subconscious yearning to procreate and love my offspring. Or does it just mean that I have somehow developed some sick fetish for flies. Who knows? One thing I know for sure, is that Sigmund Freud would of had a field day in my subconscious.

Ps, how funny is this cartoon!?


  1. Ek het dit so geniet! Dink die 3 flies is my drie kinders> Jy mis hulle en jy begeer dit om my matte te kom stofsuig.

  2. Ek sien geen konneksie met die stofsuig nie ek moet eerlik wees! Maar ja, ek mis my peetkinders wel baie.