Friday, November 12, 2010

You’re so vain

My good friend Sean Miller is a very talented photographer (no, he did not pay for this opening line!). This is odd as he is a Vet student and I have it on good authority that they are not creative beings. But not Sean, he is special. He has previously taken really nice photos of me (after I begged him). It was an awesome experience. I loved getting my sexy face on (and some of your garments of). Posing for someone is almost like acting and its fun sometimes to just get out of your comfort box. And also the final photos does wonders to boost ones confidence.

Recently I asked Sean again for some new photos so we took to Faerie Glen Nature reserve. As usual I was shy at first but after a few glasses of wine (before 12) I was shy no more and enjoyed being centre stage again. Pretty soon I was swimming in the river, climbing strange structures and covering myself with mud trying not to laugh. A source (I’m not too sure about his credibility) claims that the water at this exact location was once proven to be contaminated and not too save for swimming. But no need to panic, I survived without waking one morning, with any extra unwanted limbs. The photos look awesome and I thought I'd share them.

Please visit Sean’s Facebook page (by clicking here) to check out some more photos and book time with him for great photos for any occasion. Or contact him at

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