Thursday, July 28, 2011

One foot at a time

Close your eyes and imagine this setting: You are in the bush in the middle of nowhere. You can feel the warm sun embracing your skin. You feel slightly tired but just enough so that the cold soothing spring water welcomes your feet. The only sound you hear is the soft trickling of water from the spring that is now rushing over your feet. After a few minutes of rest, you and your walking buddy is off, ready again to philosophise about everything.

This description doesn't come close to the serenity you experience while enjoying hiking trails. This is how ChrisJan and I now spend our weekends. We venture out into nature one kilometre at a time forgetting all the stresses that the city provides. It is safe to say that is one of my favourite hobbies. Not only are we outside to enjoy the fresh air and nature but you are also burning tremendous amounts of unwanted kilojoules. Win-Win! The best part is your hiking partner. The two of you can either talk on-and-on while trying to make sense of life or you can just walk in silence while you file all your thoughts, preparing for what comes as soon as you reach your destination.

We also enjoy taking Eli, our Labrador puppy. At first I was sceptical that he would be able to keep up, but as soon as I’d look down, no matter how steep the last climb, sure enough there is Eli sitting right next to me looking rather bored by the challenge.

I advise all of you to go and find a nature reserve somewhere in your area and put on your walking shoes and get ready to enjoy your own thoughts.
Here are a few photos of our expeditions:

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