Monday, September 6, 2010

I introduce to you...

After seeing a friend’s blog (thank you Elaine for ‘Petticote notes’) I started my first blog, ‘Ashoop praatjies’ which was a collection of all my comment pieces that were either rejected (pffft!) or published in the Beeld. After only a few posts I was thoroughly bitten by the blog bug. I remember sitting in the tub one evening with a glass of wine guided by candlelight, anxiously jotting down ideas for my next blog. I was also recently inspired when reading other blogger’s pages and thought it well to give my own blog a makeover. I now, with much enthusiasm introduce to all, ‘Nostalgic banter.’

Now for all my apprehensive devotees of ‘Ashoop praatjies’ please don’t fear. This surely does not mean the end to all my humorous, cynical Afrikaans posts. It merely means that with ‘Nostalgic banter’ I have the chance to experiment writing in both English and Afrikaans. I am very excited and already have a long list of ideas I want to share. Also being the enthusiastic and aspiring journalist that I am, I’m hoping to be able to provide a wider range of creative effort and thus receiving a greater readership (Yes, I know, I am such a sell out!). I trust the saying; change is as good as a holiday.

Almost every day I stumble across or experience something worth sharing and never fully get the opportunity to do so. My life is filled with love, friends, family, hope, heartbreak, entertaining moments and a lot of anticipation of becoming a successful writer and journalist (someday!). With ‘Nostalgic banter’ I hope to grow as a writer and learn to be more experimental with my writing ability and hopefully by doing this, I will provide memorable stories to all that will follow.
Hope you will enjoy this with me.

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